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Small Bites - The Underworld Ficlet Community

Bite Us!

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Welcome to The Short Bites Underworld Ficlet Community

This community is set up for all Underworld short fictions, from drabbles (100 words) to ficlets (rough limit, 2,500 words) - het, gen and/or slash, welcoming any and all characters from either the movies or the books by Greg Cox, vampires, lycans and humans alike.

All pairings, topics, genres, kinks and ideas are welcome. As a courtesy, management requests that you fill out a general version of the following form and use a cut tag for all fics.

(Info on cut tags can be found here.)

Fic Form

Author & Email:
Genre: (Gen, Het, Slash)

Challenges and contests to win crappy prizes will be thrown out there when management gets an idea for them. Free form, people, free form! All comments, suggestions, challenge idea, banners, and kinky black underwear is welcome. Send them to lexluvsclark@gmail.com.

I want this to be an easygoing place, so the rules will be made up as we go along. I've only had good times in the Underworld community in general, so I'm assuming I don't have to wag my finger and tell y'all to play nice.

Now, take out your pens, bare your fangs and let's have some BLOOD!